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Get Schooled/Sunday Funday

Get Schooled/Sunday Funday

Host: Marcela Alonso

Marcela Alonso is an innovator in storytelling, skillfully intertwining the rich heritage of Latino culture with the dynamics of modern media. From working in the adult entertainment space since 1995 to now leading Latina Productions LLC, Alonso has developed an influential body of work. Through her foray into podcasting and filmmaking, Alonso underscores her unwavering commitment to showcasing a spectrum of diverse narratives and dismantling stereotypes. 

The legacy being forged by Alonso signifies the dawn of a new era defined by authenticity, diversity, and empowerment. Her insightful strategies and profound grasp of cultural trends serve as a beacon of inspiration for the emerging generation, poised to leave a substantial mark in the digital realm. Through her innovative endeavors, Marcela Alonso exemplifies that with unwavering passion, persistence, and a profound comprehension of the media landscape, the possibilities for effecting meaningful influence are boundless.

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Get Schooled Podcast
Monday 2:00 pm
Saturday 1:00 pm

Sunday Funday Podcast
Sunday 7:00 pm

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