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Those Guys Over There Podcast

Those Guys Over There Podcast

Jeff, DeGraft, Tom, Phil, Tim

Jeff – The self-proclaimed brains of the operation.
Husband, father of 2, and lover of Marvel and French Fries
DeGraft – Mr. “AKA”
CEO of Petty
My goal is to make you laugh and piss you off within the same episode.
Quick to ponder “is it kind of fucked up…”
Underboob, Drum Wings, and Whiskey. My Deathly Hallows
Tom – I’m just a cool guy trying to be cool! Father of 2 #GirlDad! Uncle 2 More… Trying to be the best version of me everyday!!
Phil – I’m about food, money, and logic. I’m chill. Sometimes annoyed by the little things
Tim – Every debate has a winner and I’m gonna try my best to make sure it’s me, whether by fact or fatigue.
We’re a group of 5 men in our early 30’s sharing our opinions with anyone willing to listen. Our episodes feature discussions on societal and cultural issues from a comedic, happy hour perspective with our friendship and relationships at the core.

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Sunday 7 pm

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