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The Naked Relationship

The Naked Relationship

Adam & Kelley

We’re Adam and Kelley! We’re a bisexual married couple in an open marriage and we started this podcast in 2018 as a new form of couple’s therapy. Little did we know that we would end up sharing our journey in ethical non monogamy with the world. 

Welcome To The Naked Relationship We produce a podcast called “The Naked Relationship Podcast” where we talk about every aspect of our relationship and nothing is off limits. From between the sheets to our favourite sweets, we bring you our complete naked relationship.

We have various outlets to grow our audiences to reach every open-minded person that would like to delve into the non monogamous lifestyle. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our own website where we post funny, educational, and erotic content for the inner sexual human.

Come follow us on our journey in nonmonogamy where we try to break free of traditional relationship roles.

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Thursday 12:30 pm and Saturday 9 am

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